About Us

Initially, we operated as a community based association working to address the many needs of migrants as they settled into Australian society. We offered assistance with adjusting to the Australian lifestyle, understanding culture, customs and systems that operate here, language, interpreting and translating services, accessing help and support agencies, creating social outlets and networking, familiarising with the environment and orientation and, migration issues. Through our work, we were able to identify that many migrants were concerned for friends and relatives overseas and/or their prospects for migrating to Australia.

This led us to develop our skills and knowledge base in the migration sector and led to the establishment of Migration Prospects; managed and run by a professional team. within our ranks we have a skilled, registered migration agent (MARN 0965164).We can thus ensure that as our client, you will receive a service and advice that is honest, accurate, fair and reliable and in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

Our commitment to provide you a comprehensive service is second to none!