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Migration Prospect is Australia’s leading team of Registered Migration Agents and lawyer who can assist with any of your immigration needs 

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At Migration Prospects, we work with you to achieve your migration goals.

We are an established migration consultancy in the heart of Adelaide city with extensive experience in providing expert legal advice and services on permanent and temporary residence in Australia.

Our industry leading post and visa approval services cover all the needs of a new migrant from relocation to temporary home to home loans, bank accounts to investment, Social Services to Children’s Education and settlement.

Migration Prospects provides all you need to start a new life with peace of mind.

Our professional registered migration agents and lawyers can provide advice in a number of languages. Please contact us to book a no-obligation consultation to assess your needs.

Immigration Law Experts & Visa Specialists

Our professional team of immigration lawyers and registered agents understand not just what regulations and legislations are but also the policy and context supporting it.

Process Management

We process manage the down below visa process from start to finish. Our knowledge and expertise will help save you and your company valuable time, energy and resources.

Consultants You Can Trust

We have a combined expertise of over 20 years and specialise in spiritual Law, and our standing as immigration agents and lawyers will be prime.

Individual Care

We offer personalized help to foreign nationals wishing to live in Australia temporarily or permanently. Whether or not you want to see, study, work or acquire permanent residency we will be able to help you navigate safely through the various complexities of the application process.

Fixed Price & No Hidden Fees

We offer a fee free first consultancy. we offer transparent pricing structure and no hidden fee .

Fast, Cost Effective Solutions & Peace of Mind

We give fast and affordable solutions without undermining our services and we will make certain you receive your migration outcome stress-free.

We Speak Your Language

We now come from a varied background and we can speak other languages such as Persian (Farsi),Pasto, Urdu, Hindi.

One Point of Communication

Our immigration attorney or brokers are each experts in certain visa forms. You'll have a dedicated registered migration agent managing your program and answering all your queries.

Fast, Cost Effective Solutions & Peace of Mind

We give fast and affordable solutions without undermining our services and we will make certain you receive your migration outcome stress-free.

Explore Visa Option


The family stream of visa applications is designed for parents, children of Australian citizens, permanent residents or eligible NZ citizens or those NZ citizen holding temporary visas. Depending on the application being made, it may result in a temporary or permanent residency visa.

Work Visa

In order to work in Australia you must hold a visa that lawfully allows you to do so. Your nationality, the length of your intended stay in Australia and the conditions of any employment you may have arranged will determine which type of visa is most appropriate for you.

Partner Visa

This subclass of visas allows the spouse or defacto partner of an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible NZ citizen to live in Australia. It is an application that can be submitted whilst inside or outside of Australia.

Other Visa

There are over 100 different types of Australian visas. We have provided a sample of some of the different types of visas that can be applied for.


This stream of migration to Australia is designed for applicants under the age of 50 years who can meet the points test. Points are awarded based on an applicant’s personal attributes such as age, English language ability, skills, work experience, education, study in Australia or overseas, etc.

Study Visa

There are various types of visa that you can apply for study in Australia. The type of visa you apply for and obtain will be determined by the type of study you choose to undertake. Student visas can be granted to children intending to study primary or high school in Australia, through to vocational and trade education up through to higher education.


We offer a comprehensive range of services to make migration hassle-free for job-seekers, students, travellers, etc. Our services include

 We help you  with the assessment of visa prospects and provide tailored services for your immigration matter. We lodge your application and continually update you of the progress .

 National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) is the only authorised agency in Australia that issue certifications and set standards for interpreters and translators wishing to practice in the profession of Interpreting and Translating. We are NAATI accredited interpreter and assist our clients in obtaining the right NAATI certified translation of their documents. Department of Home Affairs require clients to submit NAATI certified translations of documents that are not in English.

We come from varied background and can speak your language. We also provide legal interpreting services.”


We also provide coaching and guidelined for English spoken test, i.e IELTS/PTE/TOEFL.  As this is most important for applying several VISA.

Migration Prospects can assist and represent you in seeking review of the decision at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal

 One of the conditions for many work related visas is getting Health  Cover. We can assist you get the best health policy not only to satisfy visa requirements but also to respond to your health needs.

We cover all the service related to Visa Assesment & Lodgement



We also provide proper coaching and guidelines to English Spoken Test i.e. IELTS/PTE