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We Provide services from assesment to lodgement and re-appeals also.


In case you have had a visa denied or cancelled by the Department of Home Affairs, Migration Prospects can support you with your appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal that is independent of the Department, to critique the Delegate’s decision to deny or cancel your visa/Australian Citizenship. We will direct you to prepare a comprehensive program, short admissions and represent you in the Tribunal appeal hearing.

If you are appealing a decision to deny or cancel a visa, then this can only be produced with applicants/sponsors from Australia at the time that the decision has been obtained. Australian visa applicants that have had their visa applications denied are not typically qualified to make an application for appeal unless they are considered Australian businesses, Australian citizens or permanent residents.

Visa Applicants who have been refused or had their visa cancelled should bear in mind that the appeal procedure can be long, stressful and you might not have job or research rights. There could be laws regarding work rights in restricted conditions. Utilize our services to help save time and stress.

If you intend to appeal a decision to deny your Citizenship, we are here to assist you and we shall help prepare witnesses, admissions, protect your position or steer you about with the ideal strategy.

When you have received a decision from the Tribunal which you are not happy with, we have the ability to aid you with a program so that the Courts or the Minister can intervene, also referred to as a MINISTERIAL INTERVENTION APPLICATION, based upon the choice and your situation.

As stringent time constraints apply for appeals, it is wise that you contact us once you hear of the decision to deny your visa. We recommend that you look for early guidance in any event, to get honest information in connection with your own situation and if you choose to move ahead, to help save you and your loved ones from potential additional unnecessary expenses and traumatic deportation chances

Online Visa Applications and Assessments. … Our comprehensive visa and immigration services include immigration advice from registered migration agents, an exceptional success rate, document checking and visa processing. Completing an Online Assessment is simple, free and carries no obligation.

 Our comprehensive visa and immigration services are provided by registered migration agents who have the experience to advise on visa strategy and to ensure your application is successful.

The Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS National) is an interpreting service provided by us for people who do not speak English and for agencies and businesses that need to communicate with their non-English speaking clients.We now come from a varied background and we can speak other languages such as Persian (Farsi),Pasto, Urdu, Hindi.

we also provide coaching and guidance for the English spoken test, i.e. IELTS/PTE/TOEFL.  These are the most important tests for applying for several visas

One of the conditions for a visa is getting Health Cover. We also guide to you to obtain the best health policy which covers most of the health concepts at a cheap price

Why Choose Us

Our professional team of immigration attorneys and registered agents understand not just what regulations and legislations are but also the policy and context supporting it.

We project manage the whole visa process from start to finish. Our knowledge and expertise will help save you and your company valuable time, energy and cash.

We offer a fee free First consultancy. we offer transparent pricing structure and no hidden fee .
We now come from a varied background and we can speak other languages such as Serbian, Persian (Farsi),Pasto, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Vietnamese, Chinese and Scandinavian.

We offers personalized help to foreign nationals wishing to live in Australia temporarily or permanently. Whether or not you want to see, study, work or acquire permanent residency we will be able to help you navigate safely through the various complexities of the application process.

Visa Options

In order to work in Australia you must hold a visa that lawfully allows you to do so.

This stream of migration to Australia is designed for applicants under the age of 50 years who can meet the points test.

This stream of migration to Australia is designed for applicants under the age of 50 years who can meet the points test.

The family stream of visa applications is designed for Parents, Children of Australian citizens, permanent residents or eligible NZ citizens or those NZ citizen holding temporary visas. 

There are over 100 different types of Australian visas. We have provided herewith a sample of some of the different types of visas that can be applied for.

This subclass of visas allows the spouse or defacto partner of an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible NZ citizen to live in Australia. It is an application that can be submitted whilst inside or outside of Australia.



Consulting with our teamwill helps you to know an in-depth knowledge of the immigration process. Ask queries to the Immigration consultants to eliminate all your doubts and get a clear picture of the entire process lying ahead of you.


Our process of  documentation is the key to our high visa approval rates. Our specialists Immigration consultants & lawyers guide and follow through with clients for accurate and quick submission.


Once the documents are examine or inspect closely and thoroughly and found in order, our team further validates the Application until Submission. We will submit the visa application on your behalf and provide regular updates on its progress.


We will let you know of your VISA STATUS result within 24 hours of notice. 

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